The EPWBA in partnership with the Prince William County Park Authority provides youth basketball leagues.   The EPWBA was formed in 1971 and is now in its 46th year.   EPWBA is a non-profit organization, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.  The programs operate during the winter season, serving six age groups.
NoviceBoys and Girls8-9
PrepBoys and Girls10-11

* age is determined as of December 31 of the current year.

When do we play?
All leagues except Novice play a 12 or 13 game regular season and a post-season tournament.    The Novice league, owing to its emphasis on instruction rather than competition,has fewer games and more practice sessions, and has no post-season tournament.  The season runs from late November through approximately the first week of March.   Each league usually has two events per week (either game or practice).  One of the events is on the weekend, and the other is on a weekday evening.

Where do we play?
The EPWBA serves the eastern part of Prince William County Virginia.   Most of the participants are from Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Dale City, Montclair, or Dumfries; but participants are welcome from any area of the county. In recent years we have used the basketball facilities at Fred Lynn, Lake Ridge, Beville, Hampton, Saunders and Benton Middle Schools.   

Prince William County Parks and Recreation Department
The Parks Department maintains supervisory authority over use of the county facilities for recreation programs.   The Department allocates gym time to various groups and provides supervisory personnel to be present at all events.   They exercise final authority over use of the facility.   The EPWBA pays a per-player cost to the county for its services.   

We have a core group of veteran coaches returning each year, but always need a few new coaches to join our ranks.   Please consider volunteering to coach or to be an assistant coach when you register your child to play, or contact the EPWBA Commissioner or any league officer listed on the home page.

Paid referees are engaged each year for the Prep through Senior leagues.   For several years we have employed the Quantico Officials Association for this purpose.   In the more instructional Novice League, adult volunteers and paid youth paticipants referee the games.

Parent volunteers
Aside from serving as assistant coaches, parents can volunteer as scorekeepers and clock operators.  The EPWBA is an all-volunteer organization, and can only function if people step forward to handle these tasks.

Part of the EPWBA's expenses have been defrayed through sponsorships paid by local businesses and organizations at a fee of $150 per sponsorship.   Players are not asked to participate in any kind of fund-raising activities.   The program is fully funded by the registration fees and sponsorships.



The bylaws of the EPWBA state that the "explicit purpose of the Association is to promote, develop, and teach, both its Adult Volunteers and Player Participants the principles of GOOD CHARACTER, PHYSICAL HEALTH, SPORTSMANSHIP, TEAMWORK, DISCIPLINE and FAIR PLAY.  This purpose will be accomplished by providing the maximum opportunity to participate in the sport of basketball, on an organized basis, under the leadership and guidance of Adult Volunteers."

As the above statement indicates, participation and sportsmanship are key elements of EPWBA's program. 

All leagues follow "minimum play" rules which guarantee each player participant fair and sufficient playing time.   In the Novice League, each participant must play at least half of a game.   The rule for the other leagues specifies that each team member play at least 3/8 of the game.   To assure "quality" playing time, a game is subdivided into 8 play periods of equal length, and participants must play at least 3 full periods, with at least one such period occurring in each half.

The Prep and Middle Leagues also have a "maximum play" rule which requires that each player must "sit out" at least one full time period.   

The teaching and promotion of good sportsmanship is an important aspect of the EPWBA program.  To recognize achievement in this regard, a sportsmanship plaque is provided at the end of the season to a player on each team who best exemplifies the principles of sportsmanship.

Coaches are required to follow the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations regarding "sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity."   Parents (and other fans) are asked to abide by EPWBA's "Parent/fan code of conduct", a copy of which will be provided to each family at registration.

As sanctions against negative behavior, any player or coach ejected from a game for fighting or any other unsportsmanlike act, or for the accumulation of two technical fouls during a game, will receive a one-game suspension.   A second such instance will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.   No refund of registration fees will be made in such cases.

Even Competition
Teams are composed of 8 to 10 players.   Teams are determined by a draft system, by which coaches take turns choosing players, in the four "older" leagues. In the Novice and Prep Leagues teams are formed administratively.   The "tryout" involves players performing various shooting, dribbling, and passing drills, or participating in scrimmages, so that the coaches may evaluate their skill levels as a basis for the draft or administrative composition of the teams.   The objective of both methods is to achieve competitive balance among the teams, to assure that each team is a blend of more-skilled and less-skilled players.   The EPWBA does not accept pre-assembled teams into its leagues.   Each participant is selected to a team through the draft or as assigned by league administrators.  

Registration fees for the 2017-18 season are:
    Novice League (8-9 years old) $100
    All other leagues (ages 10-18) $135
There is a $5 discount for each additional registrant in a family.

NOTE:   Proof of age is required for first time registrants.

The program is fully funded by the registration fees and sponsorships.  Players are not asked to participate in any kind of fund raising activities.

The fees cover EPWBA's expenses to:
  1. hire referees (the largest expense);
  2. purchase equipment including uniforms, basketballs, and scorebooks;
  3. purchase trophies for league and tournament winners and runners-up;
  4. pay fees to the county Park Authority;
  5. pay other operating costs such as postage and printing.
To help preserve the gym floors, shoes that will be used to play in, must be carried to the gym and put on AFTER arrival to the gym.

Players can bring WATER to the gyms to drink when thirsty during the games - PLEASE ONLY BRING WATER.

Information about possible weather-related cancellations can be obtained by visiting the school system website www.pwcs.edu.
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